Look Gorgeous for the Holidays

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What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is the new and revolutionary makeup application strategy. Actually, the name airbrush makeup, is got from the airbrush, which is the equipment used to apply the makeup. Airbrush, just as the name suggests, uses air to apply the makeup unlike the traditional ways of using brush. Airbrush typically resembles that equipment used in application of car paint. Just as in car painting, airbrush uses air under pressure to force the shade out of the equipment and firmly stick on the skin. Sounds interesting!

Actually, the results achieved with airbrush-applied makeup are more interesting than the process. First, the process is very gentle. The client only feels a caressing breeze and before they know it, the process is done. The makeup applied is smooth and more firm than the typical brush applied makeup. It does not come off by a simple wipe. In such a way, there are not streaks or cracks left on the skin. Moreover, it covers any wrinkles or skin folding effectively to give the skin a very smooth and even appearance. what is airbrush makeup

This strategy was well know in the 1930 and was used as the best alternative to Photoshop strategies. However, it never made its way into the beauty industry not until the invention if HD television. With HD pictures, it was very easy to notice any imperfect shades on the skin or nay wrinkles. Because HDTV is the customer preferred, studios had to change and bring in airbrush makeup for its news anchors and presenters. In such a way, this strategy found its way into the beauty store and saloons.

The application of airbrush makeup requires that some precautionary strategies be taken. The most common especially when applying makeup on the face, which is the most common, the eyes of the persons involved be closed and their nose covered with cotton swabs. This is important to avoid any possible penetration of the paint into eyes or the nasal system. Some of the shades are alcoholic in nature and may present extreme effects.

The products began its use in the professional circles but because it is popular and has the best results, it has found its way into domestic uses. Glamair are providers of professional airbrush makeup at an affordable price.

Airbrush makeup kit

Airbrush makeup kits come in various forms, colors and prices. Regardless of the variations, one thing is definite; you will get the same service from whichever kit you get. These kits are available from beauty and retails shops from locally and online. It is highly recommended that you understand how the kit works before you get to work one. Even though you can still learn while using it, you will end up wasting your toners, or even damage the kit.

The particulars contained in the kit depend on the manufacturer and what they what to offer. Basically, some manufacturers will include their shades free and some other items like designer stencil set. However, the items that will be primarily included in a given kit include the professional airbrush, compressor, moisturizer, stencil, and a guide. The number of items varies according to manufacturers. airbrush-makeup-kit

To ensure that you get the best airbrush kit for yourself, some of the factors to consider include:

Convenience of use. Even though all the kits available are easy to use, especially with the included guide, you need to establish the best for your situation. Convenience of use is basically determined by how you intent to use the kit. If you need a kit that you can use while standing and carry around, then select the one will the compressor and the stencils all in one firm set.

Color. This factor might seem as a very simple and insignificant requirement. However, if you get just any color for you airbrush, then you might end up not enjoying using it. Get the color that you love or are at peace with. This way, you will enjoy using the kit every time you do.

Price. This goes without say. You don’t have to buy an airbrush kit hat strains your financial situation. There are kits of various prices. For example, you can get a kit of $100 while still there are kits going at $300. If your budget accommodates the former, avoid the latter.

Last yet importantly is where you buy it. As earlier said, airbrush kits are available both local and online. Even though local stores are convenient as you get to see what you buy, they may end up being more expensive. On the other hand, even though online stores are usually cheaper. Glamair strives to be the best in airbrush makeup online.

Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup has come and revolutionized the entire beauty industry. It is a state of the art strategy that applies makeup to take the tone of the skin. That is not all; there are a number of benefits derived from this technique that are not found in the brush-applied makeup. So, why should you opt for airbrush makeup rather than the typical brush makeup?

First, makeup applied with this strategy is more reliable than brush applied makeup. Previously, before this strategy came into the market, makeup applied with this strategy was a complete disaster. For example, if you are going to an emotional event where you might end up shedding tears, you had to think of your makeup and probably carry additional or not apply it at all. Why? Brush applied makeup could be and still is washed away by tears, sweat or if you are rained on, it erodes off. This problem has been solved with airbrush makeup. airbrush makeup

Second, airbrush makeup is the right makeup for anyone who has to make an appearance before a camera. With the invention of HD camera and video, the typical makeup was not sufficient enough as it could be seen on camera as shades. Some attempted to solve the problem by over applying the typical makeup, but it could not work. With airbrush makeup, your skin appears uniform and any wrinkles or skin folds are covered perfectly. This could not be achieved with the typical brush applied makeup.

Third, this strategy is easy to apply, effective and very cheap. So long as you have the application equipment, you are good to go. It can be used and reused with various tones or shades of color. Moreover, unlike the typical brush applied makeup, airbrush makeup is very easy to apply. Within 10 to 20 minutes, you are done and ready to go. Moreover, given the nature of the equipments used in the process, application of makeup using airbrush is precise and only the targeted part is applied without the need to wipe out any excesses.

If you don’t know much about this strategy, simply ask your beautician. They will help you or even do the procedure for you. Based on how easy it is to apply it, you will need it in your home for easy and convenient use when needed.

Glamair is a leader in airbrush makeup. With the level of variety we have, there’s sure to be something perfect for you!